Full Day to the Town of Guatapé and the Peñon

Medellin, Colombia · 1 - 40 People · 11 hours · Join-in activity

$30 USD Per Person

  • Food
  • Snacks
  • Tour Guide

Guatape is a town located in eastern Antioquia. It is a very dynamic destination due to its climate, together with different activities to be carried out within the municipality. It has beautiful natural landscapes that can be seen during the trip from the city of Medellin to reach the town.

Pricing list

  • adults (age: 7+)

    $30 USD Per Person

  • children (ages: 4-6)

    $27 USD per child

  • infants (ages: 0-3)

    $3 USD per infant


Activity Schedule

  • Everyday at 7:45 Am


  • Round trip transportation
  • Breakfast type snack
  • Visit and tour Guided by the town of Marinilla
  • Panoramic view of the municipality of Peñol
  • Visit to the peñol stone
  • Lunch (3 options to choose 1)
  • Visit and guided tour to the town of Guatape
  • Street of memories
  • Square of the sockets
  • Principal Park
  • Medical Assistance Card
  • Accompanying professional guide


  • Ascent to the stone is optional $ 18.0000


Three different options to choose one

Usage instructions

For the tour, bring your passport.

To board the vehicle arrive 15 minutes before the departure time

bring comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a jacket for the return that lowers the temperature.

Our staff is recognized because they saw red tshirt and dark blue pants

Cancelation policy

When requesting a reservation, the user accepts the cancellation policy detailed below.

For confirmed reservations:

A refund of 100% of the price paid at the time of booking will be made if you cancel up to 7 DAYS in advance of the reserved day.

A refund of 85% of the price paid at the time of booking will be made if canceled up to 3 DAYS before the reserved day.

No refund will be made if canceled less than 72 hours before the reserved day.

Important information

Departure Time: 7:45 am the main Park of the town (race 43a with 9th street)

Departure Time: 8:15 am from the hotel's plaza nutibara del centro (calle 52a # 46-50)

Starting Point

7:45 Am el Parque principal del poblado (carrera 43a con calle 9) o 8:15 Am de la plazoleta del hotel nutibara del centro (calle 52a #46-50)

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