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More than a transport service or a City Tour what we offer is an unforgettable experience in our exclusive "TROLLEYS", where you will feel in an elegant and old European train in the Orient Express style walking slowly and safely the historical and Modern Cartagena, with service on board drinks and passes and accompanying tourist informants.




What's Incluided

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  • Tour Guide
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  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Tips

Usage instructions

Description of the "CITY TROLLEY TOUR" and the tourist stops: to. APPROACH POINTS.

to. APPROACH POINTS. First, we start collecting the passengers in the order and schedule described in the previous point.

B. CASTILLOGRANDE. From the CAI Police of the lagoon, the last point of embarkation, continues to Castillogrande the most elegant residential area, crossing the beach and then the boardwalk bordering the beautiful bay. In this sector there is a first tourist stop of about 10 minutes in a romantic dock looking diagonally to the Church where the tourists go down to appreciate all the magic of the bay, the big cargo ships, the reflection in the water of all this Elegant sector that in the last years has been renewed with striking buildings of avant-garde architecture that embellish the city.

C. GETSEMANI. Continue along the bay to the historic neighborhood of Getsemani, where the Independence of Cartagena was created, passing by the Convention Center where the National Beauty Kingdom is celebrated and El Arsenal Street where traditional bars and nightclubs are found.

D. ROMAN BRIDGE. Then you cross the famous Roman bridge from which you can see a beautiful view of San Felipe Castle, the Walled Center and the Bay of Cartagena.

F. SAN FELIPE CASTLE. Then we pass to San Felipe Castle where we make a tourist stop approximately so tourists can go down to take pictures and can appreciate the largest military fort that had the Spanish Crown. At this point there are 2 options, they can enter the Castle and we give 45 minutes of waiting or they can stay in the vehicle with air and go to know the surroundings of the castle and the old shoes.

G. WALLED CENTER. Later it continues to the Walled Center by the Avenue Pedro de Heredia where is the famous statue of India Catalina and in front of this one enters the Walled City crossing through its internal perimeter its historical streets passing through the Bóvedas place in which it is realized A 4th tourist stop of 15 minutes. In this historic place, which was originally a military garrison and warehouse, it now houses several handicraft stores to which you can make a brief visit and then continue on the Trolley touring the walled city bordering the wall to the Santo Domingo Bastion place by Where you leave the walled city.

H. RETURN. BOATING POINTS. Finally, we return in a pleasant tour bordering the sea to each one of the stops where the tourists were collected.

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A refund of 100% of the price paid at the time of booking will be made if you cancel up to 7 DAYS in advance of the reserved day.

A refund of 85% of the price paid at the time of booking will be made if canceled up to 3 DAYS before the reserved day.

No refund will be made if canceled less than 72 hours before the reserved day.

Important information

At night, do not stop at the Bovedas, but at the Teatro Adolfo Mejia, better known as Teatro Heredia. In the night tour a 3rd tourist stop is held in the place, with a duration of 10 to 15 minutes approximately, so that tourists can descend and can appreciate this historic place and its neighborhood and if they want to climb up a few Stairs that are on the wall to the top of the same with the object of appreciating the beautiful panoramic view of the city.


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