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The Area

Penonomé, surrounded by legends, tells three stories about the origin of his name. The first narrates that a chief called "Nomé" suffered a penalty at the death of the princess he loved, the second says that the chief was tortured by Spaniards until he died and that his tombstone said "Here he punished Nomé," and the last ensures that the name The chieftain was "Be Nu Nomé." Located near the Pacific coast and its beautiful beaches, Penonomé is a site with impressive natural and cultural attractions and a rich history of folklore.

What things to do in Penonomé?

Museo de Penonomé: Museo de Penonome tries to capture life in pre-Columbian Panama based on the fact that archeological studies based on ceramics and lithics establish three regions and Coclé province is located in the central area, which also includes Santos, Herrera , Veraguas and Western Panama Hermanos Arias Museum Madrid

Museum of Salt and Sugar: It is an institution of an ecological - industrial type, because it reflects the main productive areas of that community, among other unsustainable historical issues. In the so-called Pre - Columbian Hall, numerous archaeological pieces found in Aguadulce are deposited, while the Historic Hall is nourished by documents, photos of illustrious characters and historical details of the town.

El Caño Archaeological Site: It is an essential site to know and feel the historical and cultural features of the province of Coclé. The archaeological findings show that the Coclesan territory was inhabited since the beginning of the fourth millennium BC. Its inhabitants were basically engaged in the practice of agriculture, hunting and fishing.

Jet Tavida: The Tavida is a 32-meter high waterfall with a spectacular natural pool and fresh, clear water. Chorro el Tavida is located in a mountainous area of ​​the Coclé province about 30 kilometers from the city of Penonomé. The area offers a green and fresh landscape an ideal escape for everyone looking for a quiet place to rest and recover the vital energy

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