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The Area

Montijo is the head of the district that bears his name. It is located in the central-southern part of the province of Veraguas and much of its coasts form the so-called Gulf of Montijo, gateway to the insular areas of the Pacific of Veracruz such as Coiba, Cebaco, Governor, Lions, Jicarón and Jicarita. Montijo was one of the first populations founded in Veraguas. It dates from 1590 and its original name was San Pedro de Montijo. It served as the basis for launching conquest expeditions from neighboring areas.

What things to do?

Visit Puerto Mutis: Puerto Mutis nowadays has the best facilities in the area for the embarkation and disembarkation of people and all types of cargo.

Enjoy in Coiba Island: Where there is a great biological diversity of species, which includes a significant number of threatened species; Endemic species and subspecies and the largest coral reefs in the American Pacific.

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