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The Area

The emblematic beauty of its landscapes, its lush beaches, its historic route full of fortresses, canyons and pirate stories, its exquisite cuisine, its diversity of races and colorful culture, the warmth of its people, its international shopping center (Free Zone de Colón) are some of the charms that will surprise you when you visit Colón. This province, historically characterized by welcoming different cultures within its bosom, has become the epicenter of the melting pot of Panama.

Things to do in Colon

Visit Fort San Lorenzo: It is located at the mouth of the Chagres River. The fort of San Lorenzo is one of the oldest Spanish fortresses in America. It was built in 1597, as one of the fortifications to protect the coast.

Visit Isla Grande: It has undoubtedly some of the best beaches in Panama. It is a tropical, picturesque paradise, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, beaches with white sands with palm trees. The main beach of the island is called La Punta.

Meet the Bera Quera: It is an indigenous community with local roots located on the shore of Gatun Lake, near the Panama Canal, with the aim of making its culture known and thus being able to give continuity among the members the teachings of their ancestors, Living in harmony with nature.

Enjoy Playa la Langosta: It is one of the closest beaches in the city of Colón. A part of Lobster beach has white sand and another part black sand. The waters are generally very calm and safe. The beach is quite long and wide.

Meet Cerro la Gloria: Circular trail in the Portobelo National Park will take us to the top of Cerro La Gloria. The beginning of the trail is at the base of the hill, just off the main road Portobelo - Palenque.

Enjoy Tortuguilla Beach: It is a small but very beautiful beach. It is located on the Costa Abajo de Colón all bordered by tropical forest. This beach is also known as "Batata". Beachfront is a coral reef.

Buy in The Colon Free Zone: It is the main distribution center of the continent and is the second largest free zone in the world and the number one on the continent. Here you can find appliances, liquors, tobacco, home or office furniture, clothing, footwear, jewelry, perfumery and toys, among many other items from Japan, Hong Kong and the United States, mainly.

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