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How to get to Coiba from Panama City?

The Coiba National Park can be reached from Panama City, by air to Santiago City in 20 minutes or by road (245 kilometers) in 5 hours. Once in Santiago you take the road (25 kilometers) that leads to Puerto Mutis, to move by sea to the Island.

Things to do in Coiba

Surf in Santa Catalina: Santa Catalina is one of the most famous beaches in Latin America to surf. Surfers from all over the world come here to try these amazing waves. The main point near the town has a rocky floor, with right and left waves, but the right is better. The waves offer excellent tubes and enough strength. Usually surfing at medium to high tide, but if there is a large swell, you can surf at low tide as well.

Diving in Coiba: In Santa Catalina, there are a variety of dive shops, where you can get the right equipment to practice this activity. If you come from Panama City, there are many other sites that offer to organize your trip, transportation, diving equipment, etc.

Snorkeling - the best in Panama: Over 40 types of picturesque fish and marine animals such as turtles, manta rays and sharks have been seen on the small island of Tacita de Oro. If you travel with a group, a day tour, which includes lunch and Dolphin watching along the way.

Ecological Tours: If you are interested in Santa Catalina, there are several businesses that offer ecological tours day and night in Coiba. It takes an hour and a half to get to Coiba Island Panama, but the same transfer offers beautiful views and you will probably see dolphins too.

Meet the Coiba National Park: It is located in the districts of Montijo and Soná, 25 minutes away from Panama City. The incredible biodiversity of the place, makes it unique, is considered a world heritage site. Before going to Coiba National Park, you must call the Ministry of Environment and make a reservation at the Directorate of Protected Areas in conjunction with the park administration.

Visit La Yeguada: It is literally one of the best places to camp in our country. The landscapes are incredible! It is part of a forest reserve to preserve the watershed of the Laguna de la Yeguada ..

Meet the Italy Guadalupe Water Park: It is next to the La Hacienda Hotel in Santiago. It has slides, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor social area, saves certified lives and a restaurant.

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