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How to get to Cerro Punta from Panama City?

To get to Cerro Punta, from the city of Panama, there are flights that, in an hour, leave them in David. From there you can take buses that, departing from the terminal of this city every half hour, can leave it in the "valley of the clouds" in more or less an hour and a half.

If you travel by car, from the city of Panama there are 440 kilometers to David and from there 40 kilometers more to Cerro Punta, passing between landscapes of great beauty which makes time pass almost without realizing it.

Things to do in Cerro Punta

You should not miss Bird watching and trekking: the best known route is the Quetzals route that crosses the Volcán Barú National Park and reaches Cerro Punta. For more hikers you can also climb up to the Barú volcano.

You must visit La Amistad National Park: which is shared with Costa Rica. Always stay on the trails of each route that you take or hire a specialized guide.

Make a coffee tour in Boquete: That's where the best coffee in Panama is grown. They can make Finca Lérida or Kotowa Coffee among others.

Do Canopy: a zip line tree-to-tree ride, fun way to get to know Boquete from above. a tour that offers you endless fun and adrenaline.

Drive in car to know the plantations and dairy farms of the area of ​​Bambito and Cerro Punta. The landscape is beautiful you can see Swiss type chalets, bridges over small rivers and there is also the Bambito hotel that has beautiful gardens. Do not stop eating some delicious strawberries with cream in Cerro Punta.

Visit to Finca Drácula: It is an orchid farm, it is at the end of Cerro Punta, near the inn of Los Quetzales. where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and unique flowers.

Discover the Barú Volcano: Climbing the Barú Volcano is one of those "must-do" routes in Panama. They call it the roof of Panama because from its privileged 3,474 meters high you can appreciate the Caribbean Sea and the South Sea. Today we want to show you the different routes to get to this wonderful place.

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